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It’s been a long time since I’ve been on here, but I couldn’t contain my excitement any longer!

href=”http://www.shopbesosboutique.com”> Click Logo To Start Shopping![/
“Follow your dreams and you can make anything happen!” And that’s exactly what the new online fashion boutique owner of Shop Besos Boutique, Natalia did. I can proudly say she is also my friend! I had to throw that out there, ya know?!

Natalia had a vision and a dream to be an owner of an online fashion boutique for quite some time now. She has told me about her ideas, did her research on other clothing brands and websites and finally executed her plans. What a dream and what a time to be alive, for real!

https://www.shopbesosboutique.com/collections/shop-curvy-collection/products/bicycle-jumpsuit”> Bicycle Jumpsuit: “Curvy Confidence” Collection[/captio
Not only does she have pieces for those with different tastes in fashion, she also carries a collection specifically for our “curvy confidence” women. These days, the fashion industry caters to all sizes – it does not matter if you are a size 2 or 16. Shop Besos Boutique does not discriminate against any race, color or size (obviously). That’s what I love about her shop! Natalia made sure she carried what she loves to wear herself, but also what is “in”. You can’t have a shop where you don’t showcase what you love rockin’ yourself, right? Selling what you wear not only educates what is “in” but it is also a form of self-expression.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Natalia as a blogger but also taking photos of what she is currently

selling. I’ve met some really beautiful and confident people in just a day – all who love rockin’ pieces from Shop Besos (and they all wear it so, so well!) but friends who just love supporting another friend. That’s what real friends are for – am I right, or AM I RIGHT?

/www.shopbesosboutique.com/collections/two-piece-sets/products/checkmate-set”> “Check Mate” Set

[/caption]Although her site just launched last month, Shop Besos has been poppin’ with support! I honestly can’t wait until she launches more accessories, clothes and possibly other things like bikinis, lingerie or beauty products. I know her dreams are big, but I also know whatever she has planned – it will all come true! It makes me happy to see friends turn their dreams into reality, no matter how long it takes. Building a business takes patience, time, (of course) money and love. Without loving what you do, it’s just work. But if you love what you do every single day, you will never just call it work.

.shopbesosboutique.com/collections/we-l-o-v-e-the-shade-collection”> “We Love The Shade” Collection

[/caption]Even though you only see a few items on my blog, this is the perfect time to head over to Shop Besos to browse around and buy an outfit for your next event! Click on the SBB logo at the top to be directed to their website. You can’t go wrong with great quality, affordable prices and pieces that will make you feel beautiful inside and out!

Happy shopping and stay tuned for more updates from myself about Shop Besos Boutique!

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