25 to Life at Arthur’s

Whose doing 25 to life and who the hell is Arthur!?

Okay, I’m kidding. One of my girlfriends, Stephanie just turned 25 and we celebrated her special day at Arthur’s in West Seattle! Now let me tell ya…. It is such a cute brunch spot and we couldn’t have been more pleased with their food, bottomless mimosas (hence, why we were there for almost 4 freaking hours!) and of course their exceptional service and I am not over exaggerating!

But damn, where should I start? The amazing food and drinks? YEAH OK!

Their menu seems kind of limited for brunch, but all of their choices sound so delicious and best of all, they’re all pretty healthy (for the most part)! One of their most famous dishes is the “avo-smash” which consists of (I am quoting their website): avocado with lemon, mint, basil, and parsley, toasted essential baking sourdough, house made cheese, marinated heirloom tomato, purple kale, soft poached eggs. A couple of people from our brunch group ordered it – shit, all 8 of us almost ordered the same dish! It was reported by my friend Tony that it was well seasoned, the egg was PERFECT, but he would definitely get it as a sandwich with extra avocado the next time around. Who doesn’t like extra avo?!

I ordered the “crab benedict” which was so simple, but absolutely amazing! My benedict consisted of (quoting their website again): essential baking sourdough, fresh dungeness crab, poached eggs, asparagus, hollandaise and herbed skillet potatoes. AMAZE-BALLS! They should change their name to “AMAZE-BALLS POACHED EGG” (or something) because they make their poached egg to perfection. No lie, they really do! Also, who knew asparagus even belonged on a benedict? It was so good and now I really want a plate. UberEats, where art thou?

To add on to the above food mentions, 7 out of 8 from our group (thanks Tony for being DD for the girls!) ordered bottomless mimosas. I am pretty sure we each had about 8-10 glasses, no lie. I blame Craig, our server (Okay, I am kidding Craig.). I will not talk about how “good” we felt the entire 3-4 hours, so I will zip my mouth shut. What happens at Arthur’s, stays at Arthur’s. Craig kept coming back when our glasses were half full, almost empty or completely dry. He was super awesome and catered to all of our requests/needs/wants. So let’s talk about Craig because he was THAT amazing.

When I walked into Arthur’s, Craig greeted me right away. He had a long table reserved (what I had requested over the phone a few days prior) and brought me over soon after. I arrived earlier than my group so that I could decorate the table. I mean, hello, it is Stephanie’s birthday! Why wouldn’t I decorate?! They made a special accommodation for me to hang up a birthday banner just as long as I used tape and not push pins. I had name cards with everyone’s (possible) nicknames, personalized greeting cards for everyone to fill out for the birthday girl and a basic bohemian/chic flower crown for Steph. Their restaurant fit the basic theme, there was a ton of natural lighting and beautiful light structures attached to high ceilings. Arthur’s has an amazing bar area as well – I could tell from afar (lol). Although it could get pretty full in there during brunch time, the restaurant was still very spacious. Anyways, back to Craig. He put Steph’s favorite chantilly cake from Cakes of Paradise into the fridge and brought out water, plates and silverware so the table could be complete with my decor. Throughout the entire time we were there, he was very attentive, answered all of our questions and made our entire first time experience at Arthur’s an unforgettable one. I definitely did not want Stephanie’s birthday to go wrong in any way and Craig made sure of that without me saying anything! We would definitely all go back again since we had so much fun and they didn’t even budge to tell us we were there for too long! What a time to be alive! Well, I felt dead from mimosas, but whatever. We won’t get into that!

Out of 5 stars, I give Arthur’s a 5. Simply because their service is amazing, food and drinks were damn right delicious and fulfilling and we all had one of the best days so far this year. Although street parking isn’t always easy around that area of West Seattle, it is definitely worth making the trip! I am so happy that Stephanie had such a great birthday and you can actually witness her happiness and the rest of our laughs and smiles in the video I made below!

Happy 25th birthday Steph! You deserved every single second of that day! Cheers to many more happy and healthy years – but let’s cheers with water this time, LOL!

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