Hungry? Why Wait, Come to Seattle!


Now, when you think of coming to Seattle, you don’t think of the really good food we may have. But you think of Pike Place Market, Downtown Seattle, the Space Needle, Mt. Rainier and many more beautiful places and attractions. Being a true Seattlite all my life, I’ve grown to venture out of my comfort zone and try new restaurants – you know, get a different taste from a variety of different countries, being in different environments and being surrounded by a diverse group of people.

Last month, my family and their friends came to Seattle and it was my job to give them a tour of my beloved city. Man, I was nervous! Only because I’ve never had to host more than two people at a time if they were coming from out of state. Besides taking them to the usual tourist attractions, I wanted to make sure they ate really good food too. Out of the many places I took them to, here are the top 3 place I know they really enjoyed – and of course I did too!

Toulouse Petit Kitchen & Lounge – Located in Queen Anne

This is a 4 star rated restaurant on Yelp and they serve breakfast, lunch/brunch and happy hour/dinner. My favorite happens to be lunch time – but maybe that is with all restaurants. But since we ate elsewhere during lunch, we decided to try the late night HH. Coming in this area at night means it will be tough looking for parking – especially somewhere nearby. Luckily we found a spot right in front of the restaurant when we turned on Queen Anne Avenue. Earlier that afternoon, I made reservations just in case it were to be busy during the time we planned on going (HH is 4-6pm and 10pm-close) We ended up ordering fried chicken and andouille gumbo (OMG, to-die-for!!), buttermilk fried chicken bites with tasso black pepper gravy (YES! Another chicken dish!), pommes frites with aioli (fancy words for fries and dipping sauce, lol) and the spicy lamb sliders (I don’t recall them being spicy, but they were still good). At the end of our night, we were happy, satisfied and really full fat kids! It wasn’t as busy as usual, but maybe because it was like Wednesday night. The service was great, prices were average and the atmosphere is pretty chill. They do have a full bar which I forgot to mention makes really great drinks. Our favorite dish is definitely the fried chicken and andouille gumbo! This is what I always recommend to people who wants to go there – you will not regret a single bite!

Skillet Diner – Located on Capitol Hill (party central, haaayyyyyy!!)

My cousin saw my Snapchat post a few months back when I visited Skillet Diner and she mentioned that she wanted to try this place out during her vacation. I definitely made it a priority to come here because they have really good food! We decided to do brunch because we wanted to grab a pitcher of their grapefruit mimosa (ABSOLUTE FAVE!). Since it was a sunny day, we sat outdoors and of course, grabbed a pitcher to share. I ordered the pork belly and cornmeal waffle and my cousin had the fried chicken sammy. I usually get the fried chicken and cornmeal waffle, but wanted to try something different. I didn’t expect the pork belly to be as big as it was, but it definitely surprised me – and so did the taste. Pork belly and waffle drizzled with syrup has got to be one of the most brilliant combinations ever! My mouth literally just watered typing that last sentence, lol! My cousin really enjoyed her sammy that came with jalapeno aioli and a side of fries. I’ve had it before, so I knew she wouldn’t be disappointed. I highly doubt anyone will be disappointed with their food selection when visiting Skillet especially brunch because well …. you get to sip on fresh mimosas, duh!

Dick’s Drive-In – Located in Queen Anne and Capitol Hill

Anyone that lives in Seattle has had this staple. It’s fast food, but probably the best grease you’ll ever taste. It’s a really cheap, simple and quick meal. You order a deluxe or special (depends if you like one or two patties – I prefer one), a side of SOGGY fries (and before you say “EW!”, I will have to shut you down!) and an old fashion milkshake (I prefer chocolate or strawberry). They are pretty famous for their tarter sauce which does not taste like any other tarter sauce that I’ve had. But if you’re in Seattle, you MUST come here. Especially if you are out partying all night on Capitol Hill – this is the best fast food spot you should go to! Alcohol + grease = happy drunk. No questions asked – no further explanation needed!

I am positive I could have sat at my laptop all night writing about all these other restaurants I had in mind, but then I wouldn’t get any sleep. Oh, and I definitely would make myself hungry again and it’s too late for all of that! I really hope whomever plans on visiting Seattle, they would at least put these 3 places on their list of places to eat. I promise you won’t be disappointed, BUT if you do end up being disappointed for whatever reason, don’t blame me – that sounds like a personal issue, LOL (jk)!

Dick’s Drive-In Photo Credit